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  • Arma 3 Server Monetization


    From February 1st 2015, anyone is allowed to monetize their Arma 3 server in the following way as long as they're registered, approved and listed on https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/approved/arma3:



    • Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Cosmetic perks    are allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed.
    • Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed.
    • Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, is allowed.
    • Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.


    If we feel anyone on the list at https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/approved/arma3 is exploiting any loopholes or is not acting in the best interests of the Arma 3 community, we will remove them. That will mean they will have to cease this kind of monetization immediately or face legal action.


    Before applying, please check the following FAQ


    The permission is given for a limited time. It will expire on January 31st 2021.

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